PEM Salmón Sustentable meets with Center of Excellence in Nanotechnology

The meeting between the PEM Sustainable Salmon and Leitat Chile was held at the offices of Corfo Los Lagos with the objective of prospecting solutions in nanotechnology for the Chilean salmon industry.

In order to continue increasing the network of knowledge generators based on technology, in support of the national salmon farming industry, a rapprochement meeting between the Center of Excellence in Nanotechnology was recently held in the city of Puerto Montt, Los Lagos region.

The meeting was attended by Dayhana Digman, project manager at Leitat Chile, José Luis Checa, manager of Leitat Chile; Rodrigo Salas, executive of the Corporation for the Promotion of Production (Corfo) in Los Lagos, and Gonzalo Romero, of PEM Sustainable Salmon. On the occasion, the representatives of Leitat Chile made known the extensive experience of this center in terms of nanotechnological solutions, both in Europe and in Chile, and the way in which they interact with the industry.

In this topic, Leitat is a reference in the transfer of intelligent packaging technologies, being one of the drivers of the Packaging Cluster of Catalonia and the Barcelona Institute of Packaging (Spain). In addition, the entity created more than 100 years ago in Europe has experience in antifouling solutions and in Research and Development (R & D) of new materials and applications.

«The idea of ​​this trip to the south of Chile was to meet the authorities and the representatives of the salmon farming sector, in order to generate links and contacts to visualize new developments. We are inserted in the entire value chain of salmon farming, from eggs to packaging, so we have much to do in this sector, «said Dayman Digman.

For his part, Gonzalo Romero, PEM Sustainable Salmon, valued this meeting ensuring that they continue focused on getting ahead of the challenges that the industry will present in the coming years. «Without a doubt, applying nanotechnological tools goes hand in hand with that objective. PEM Sustainable Salmon is committed to finding excellent technological partners that allow us to visualize intelligent solutions that resolve critical knots and involve all the players in the industry, «Romero underscored.